Do I laugh or cry or scream with frustration?

Do I laugh or cry or scream with frustration?.


How Are You Going To Light It Up Blue?

All About Autism

Light it up blue for my son What are you going to do to shine a light on autism? Each April 2nd we celebrate Light It Up Blue in commemoration of the United Nations sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day. This is a unique global initiative that kicks off Autism Awareness month and helps raise awareness about autism.

sydney-opera-house1Last year more than 8,400 buildings and landmarks on all 7 continents illuminated bright blue on the evening of April 2nd. Locally the Bicentennial Tower and Mercyhurst University went blue. As I drove throughout our community it was amazing the number of families who changed their white porch lights to blue.

light-it-up-2You can register your participation with Light It Up Blue (link) and upload your photos of participation to the LIUB photo gallery. At the BNI we will be taking a Wear It Blue group photo of our students and faculty. I am going to turn…

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Study: Autism Develops Early During Pregnancy

This is interesting

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A new study has found that autism begins early in pregnancy.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Allen Institute for Brain Science analyzed 25 genes in the brain tissue of deceased children with and without autism.

They found that the outermost layered structure of neural tissue is disrupted in children with autism by looking at genes that serve as biomarkers for brain cell types in different layers of the cortex as they specifically looked at genes implicated in autism and several control genes.

“Building a baby’s brain during pregnancy involves creating a cortex that contains six layers,” Eric Courchesne, PhD, professor of neurosciences and director of the Autism Center of Excellence at UC San Diego said in a press release. “We discovered focal patches of disrupted development of these cortical layers in the majority of children with…

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