Neknominate: Albertans change the rules of the online drinking game

this is awesome…. Love being a Canadian when they do things like this. I love the idea of a “random act of kindness” instead of drinking something 🙂

Global News

CALGARY- When Eric K. received a neknomination, instead of accepting the invitation to take part in the dangerous and potentially deadly drinking game, he turned it into something positive.

Neknominate involves chugging beer or hard liquor, posting a video online and then nominating others to do the same within 24 hours. Sometimes the participant challenges others to perform a dangerous stunt.

Thanks to social media, the game quickly became a global phenomenon that spread to Canada and the U.S., but Eric clearly decided it wasn’t for him.

The high school student responded to his neknomination by leaving a $20 donation on the doorstep of the Cochrane and Area Humane Society.

And just to make things a litle more interesting, he did at night, in the cold, without a jacket, and shirtless. He then posted video of his gesture on Facebook.

“One of our staff found it stuffed under the door…

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